Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of materials are your chicken coops made from?

All of our chicken coops are made from high-quality materials including our wood which has been selected for its overall strength and durability. In terms of our roofs, we also have our own ECO plastic roofs so that the life span of the roof in our chicken coops is longer.

What is the minimum amount of space do chickens need to exercise?

The size that you may want to provide for your chickens can vary depending on how much room you have however regulations state that a chicken must have at least 10 square meters. It’s all about ensuring that your chicken enclosure isn’t too small or overpopulated, otherwise, this can cause hygiene issues and break regulations.

What size of chicken house should I get? (excluding a run)

Our chicken houses vary in size and we have a wide selection for you to choose from, however, it all comes down to what your needs are. We recommend that each chicken should have at least 1 square foot of space and of course, bigger chickens may need more space.

What size of chicken house should I get? (including a run)

Having a chicken run will increase the amount of space that you will need for your chicken house. However, the size you need depends on whether you are planning to keep the chickens inside at all times or you will let them out. If you are keeping them inside then you need just over 1 square foot per chicken, and if you are letting them out then you need at least 1 square foot per chicken. 

Can you have chickens if you have cats and dogs?

This is a common question and in most cases, it should be no problem. Cats are typically scared of chickens so they are unlikely to engage them in an aggressive manner. Dogs can have different temperaments to cats and it’s important that you know your dog’s temperament, however, unless they are overly aggressive they shouldn’t pose a threat to your chickens and will pass by without harming them. You should always contact a relevant professional.

When do chickens start laying eggs?

Chickens typically start laying eggs at around 18 weeks old at that age they are still considered to be hens. Once they begin laying eggs, as long as they are healthy they will continue to lay eggs until they reach a certain age or their lifespan finishes.

If I get a chicken how many eggs will it lay?

The amount of eggs that chickens can lay is usually fairly consistent, and over the course of a year expect them to lay between 250 – 280 eggs a year. However, this all depends on a few different factors including the health of the chicken, its breed and its age.

Do I need a rooster to lay eggs?

Chickens will lay eggs regardless of whether or not the rooster is present, however, the eggs will be infertile. You also don’t need a rooster at all times, it is usually only whenever you want your chickens to breed.  

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